Our Approach

We make unique furniture and furnishings by taking the material in directions that isn't always easy. Wood and metal like to be straight.  Builders like working with straight and square geometries. We like the aesthetics of curves. How they look.  How they feel. It takes time, tooling and practice to reach each finished piece.

Our Technique

We used varied techniques and tools. Many of the metalworking tools used are common in coachbuilding but uncommon in the furniture world. Leather bags and stumps. English wheels. Ring rollers. Bead rollers. TIG welding.

Our Why

To learn and explore. Most projects start off as an experiment or a study to learn something. A technique. A tool. An idea. The end result is always a unique expression of our own vision.

Who is fab.weld.wood?


Steve Ulrich

Maker & Student

Steve has always made things. You could even say it's in his DNA. He learned his woodworking skills from his father who was a cabinetmaker. His passions include roasting coffee, cooking, and racing his open water kayaks on the bay.

Next Steps...

Contact us.  Phone.  Email. Facebook. Instagram. Markets. There are many ways to get in touch with us to talk about what we're making these days and what we can make for you.